Employer Background Searches

There aren’t as many firms doing background checks today as there were five years ago, but there are still some good firms out there.

Here are three background search companies that focus on providing employers with background information on potential new hires.

A pretty good choice for employer background screening is Universal Background Screening. They have been providing employers with detail employment background searches for years. And besides in-depth background checks, public records searches and personal background verifications, they also have programs for obtaining physical examinations and drug testing and can customize solutions to your needs.

Employment Background Screening Firm Intelius works with companies of all sizes. They provide history and data background checks. Their massive data records center provides you with the business intelligence your human resources department needs. You can order up data record history searches, from basic people searches to really extensive, comprehensive personnel and public record background checks.

Plus there is InfoTracer Background Searches. InfoTracer has an extensive network of numerous databases designed to be easily searchable by small and medium sized employers. Your hiring staff will be able to find the information they want — fast. This intelligence comes from hundreds of public and private sources. When you work with them, you do not have restrictions on how many searches you process. Businesses and individuals can use InfoTracer to make smarter choices regarding potential employees.