Free Background Checks

A decent free background check might be a bit too much to promise, but there are several online companies that will provide you with a really inexpensive background search service.

Net Detective was one of the most common online search services. Individuals and private investigators have been using them since 1996. Your search limit was virtually unlimited. They didn’t charge per search. There was no software to download, their service was all done via the Web. They have now closed down though.

eVerify Background Checks has been offering background screenings, public criminal records searches, reverse phone finding and other public data searches since 2003. They provide comprehensive records searches many categories through their website. They strive to offer their members a high degree of quality investigation services.

Another online service is Background Report 360. They gather public records from a variety of public records sources and then puts it all together for you to look through. You can see a tremendous amount of public records including criminal records, legal judgments, history of addresses, bankruptcies, marriage and divorce records, arrests, warrants and more.

US Search gathers public records data in order to assist consumers like you in making better informed choices. Their individual background reports include details from criminal and court records to marriage and divorce information. They often have millions of visitors each month to their website. By having access to millions of public records, they are one of the top providers of public records data in the country.